Monetize your web content by taking one-click instant payments

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The Pay-Per-Page is a plugin that allows you to charge one-click Bitcoin payments for your blog pages.

Pay-Per-Page plugin use a new payment concept called Bitcoin Cheque.

Pay-Per-Page is a plugin that can bee freely downloaded an installed into you WordPress site.

Today it is still difficult for most people to use and pay for services using Bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies as well. The Bitcoin Cheque aims to do something about that. The Bitcoin Cheque system will make it possible to do hassle-free instantaneous one-click payments.

How does it work?

The plugin is installed in your WordPress site. Once installed you put a short-code in your post and pages that you want to charge for.

The visitor must download and install a Banking App in his web browser. The Banking App connects to your preferere Bitcoin bank and draws a Bitcoin Cheque from your bank account. The cheque will be handed over to the plugin which validates it and shows the remaining content to the visitor.

The payment history will be saved. When the visitors returns, he will not be required to pay a page twice. A cookie will be set in the visitors browser to keep track of the payments. As long as this cookie remains, the visitor can re-read the page. Alternatively the visitor can create an account and log-in and the page history will then be saved permanently.

Here are some demonstration pages:

Each of these pages will require you to pay to read the whole content.