Helping mass adoption of Bitcoins

This page will demonstrates the one-click instantaneously payment feature.

The Bitcoin Cheque is the missing link between Bitcoins and mass adaption

Mass adoption of Bitcoin is truly a chicken and egg problem. Nobody spends Bitcoins because nobody accepts it, and nobody accepts it because nobody spends it. This problem has to be eliminated.

Unfortunately, we think it is still too cumbersome for non-technical user to buy anything with Bitcoins. For a first-time user, he will first have to purchase some coins, which in fact is prohibitively difficult. Next, at the actual site, the user must copy the send to address, enter the amount, and click send, click “payment made” or something similar in the site itself. Even the BIP-70 will make the payment process a bit easier, there are still very few reasons for people to actually want to starts using Bitcoins.

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